Hello, and Welcome!

The USS Appleton is a part of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Club, and a proud member of the 20th Fleet, known as Region 20. We launched with the help of our mothership, the USS Merlin, on November 10th, 2016, and hope to maintain close ties with the Merlin long into the future.


We are designated as a meeting chapter, and as such, we host a variety of social events throughout the year, as well as attending various local conventions. We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

About Us

The USS Appleton is an Odyssey Class science vessel, led by Cmdr Erica Smith (short hair and glasses in picture) and LtCmdr Clare Williams (long hair in picture).


We run a non-SFI Star Trek group, which has existed for almost 30 years as an independent club, and so we decided to launch Appleton in response to the lack of SFI groups in our local area, and as a way of promoting our meetings to a wider audience.


Our meetings are free to SFI and non-SFI members, and always will be.

I believe that people rise to high places largely by way of their general ability, and only to a small extent by way of the particular discipline by which their minds have been sharpened and informed.


Sir Edward Victor Appleton: The 1956 Reith Lectures, "Science and the Nation"

About the Ship

The Odyssey class is a 25th Century Federation starship, which can be reconfigured as an Operations, Science or Tactical cruiser. During the 25th Century, the Odyssey class was the largest model of ship in Starfleet, and was the ship of choice to be named as the Enterprise F.


The Odyssey Class Development Project was brought to completion at San Francisco Fleet Yards, on Planet Earth, with the prototype being launched on her maiden voyage in 2409. The ship is capable of saucer separation and has transwarp capabilities.


The Appleton was launched from San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2409, and given the designation NX-97001. Her motto is "Rise to High Places".

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